Kraków Loves Adana hypnotise with hazy video to “Follow The Voice”

Kraków Loves Adana‘s new single, “Follow The Voice”, is out now via Italians Do It Better.

All great bands start with a love story, right? ABBA, The White Stripes, and now Kraków Loves Adana, a Hamburg-based duo of Deniz Çiçek and her partner Robert Heitmann, who have just been signed to Johnny Jewel’s LA-based iconic label Italians Do It Better.

Kraków Loves Adana’s latest single, “Follow The Voice”, has that undeniable Jewel appeal which is behind the success of Desire and Chromatics. Although this new direction can sound like a rebirth, the charm of their debut remains intact as Çiçek’s vocals are still nostalgic and icy like in “Rapture” or “The Day The Internet Died“. “Follow The Voice” is hauntingly catchy, mysterious, and the dark synth melodies echo the intriguing atmosphere of the video, which was directed by Çiçek and Heitmann in Hamburg.

A pure product of the Italians Do It Better aesthetic, the accompanying visuals are a modern film noir carefully filled with symbolism, with pink and blue lights seeping through blinds and dancing around smoke. Çiçek is seen singing in a dark room, being hypnotised by a pendulum, and dancing on a vintage TV screen. About this new track and video, she stated:

When listening to the new song we immediately feel drawn into it, so that our minds start to wander and we forget everything what’s happening around us. In a way that we feel very focused – ready to observe things in a more sensitive way. That experience led to the idea for the video, where we use hypnosis to try to connect with other dimensions and realities. Blending in hopes and wishes to contact things, individuals and loved ones that are out of reach in real life.

Kraków Loves Adana are set to release their full-length album with Johnny Jewel early next year. You can catch them next month on tour in Central Europe, where they will be opening for Chromatics and Desire.

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