Tyler Matthew Oyer enrolls Glasser for “Voluptuous” electro dance remix

Tyler Matthew Oyer introduces NO TEMPLE REMIX COMPILATION with a remix of “Voluptuous”. This Glasser‘s rendition is certain to take you on a trip.

Camp-gothic artist Tyler Matthew Oyer first released the original version of “Voluptuous” in July of this year, as part of their NO TEMPLE EP. However, the track did not have to wait long to earn itself a powerful new electro-dance remix, which we are proud to be premiering today.

At first listen, “Voluptuous” sounds like it might have been inspired by pure (yet shallow) physical attraction. However, upon further inspection (and some mild interrogation over email), we find out that first impressions can be, in fact, misleading. The track is actually dedicated to a much more sincere and lasting relationship – Oyer’s longtime friendship with performance artist and frontwoman of The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Kembra Pfahler, whom Oyer describes as a cherished mentor.

“I’ve admired Kembra’s work since I was a teenager, and we have been friends for nearly 10 years. I perform in her band sometimes, and she is featured on my first record (RELEASE DELUXE) and in a few video works I’ve made. I wanted to make a song that was inspired by our intergenerational friendship and love,” the artist tells HighClouds.

Oyer, who has a decade of experience in the music and visual arts industry, pays homage to their mentor by referencing their band’s name but doesn’t forget to add a little bit of their own interpretation of the word in question.

“The world voluptuous feels so big – inflated with references, almost overflowing,” they explain. “I started writing and realized this song would be about everything voluptuous! To me the word conjures thoughts of confidence, body positivity, a robustness against all the social standards and practices that can keep us from feeling good, feeling ourselves, feeling each other.”

Although the original version of “Voluptuous” is anything but pared-back, the Glasser remix definitely provides the track with some bells (literally) and whistles with an added vigor and flare. Oyer’s favourite part of the remix? “When the bells come in, unexpectedly, and the beat opens into a full electro-dance beat,” they tell us.

Another difference between the original version and Glasser’s remix is the timing of the release. Although the summer of 2020 was anything but calm, the newly-released, ballroom-ready remix comes as the Oyer’s home country of the US is headed for yet another political battle.

Oyer themselves does not shy away from political references in their art. Their debut EP NO TEMPLE is inspired by the work and ideas of an array of political artists and writers, from Bell Hooks and David Wojnarowicz, to Jose Esteban Muñoz and Silvia Federici.

“This moment, specifically this month, in the US is hyper-charged,” they say. “I hope this song can give some moments of release as we prepare for what could be some difficult weeks and months ahead.”

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