Promis3 take on Boticelli with new video for “Don’t Wanna Fall in Luv”

Belgian future pop duo Promis3‘s new track, “Don’t Wanna Fall in Luv,” is out today via their own label Simulated Paradise.

Almost five months since the release of their EP, Belgian act Promis3 are back with a new track and accompanying video. “Don’t Wanna Fall in Luv” is the latest release from the aesthetically-pleasing electronic music duo, which is composed of singer Brent Dielen and producer Andras Vleminckx.

“Don’t Wanna Fall in Luv” tells the story of the decline of a relationship, while also acknowledging that every ending is an opportunity for a new beginning – or is it? Asked whether “Don’t Wanna Fall in Luv” was inspired by any particular event in their lives, Dielen and Vleminckx say: “definitely”.

“The subject is common ground for most people. The thing is that we always write about personal stuff, avoiding too much personal detail tho, to make it as relatable as possible to our audience. We sketch the rough lines, or give a suggestive sense of a feeling/moment/situation for the listener to interpret as their own story,” they explain.

The music video is the perfect combination of a renaissance painting (the duo list Botticelli, Bosch, Bruegel, and Titian as their inspirations) within an early-2000s video game main menu page (the ones which let you zoom into the different options).

“We wanted to create a surrealistic fantasy escapism dimension to convey the idea of being “on another planet” with this new person. Everything is new, everything is shiny and bright but nothing is always what it seems at the beginning. So surrealism was a great way to embody that atmosphere. We got inspired by these painters who are masters in creating symbolic imagery,” Dielen and Vleminckx told HighClouds.

The visuals portray the duo in an almost-biblical scene ripe with religious symbolism, such as the apples and a snake, and contrast them with Y2K references, such as the iconic Nokia brick phone. What might be seen as a full circle moment, Promis3’s visual interpretation of the Garden of Eden coincides perfectly with the title of their previous absolute banger – “Simulated Paradise”.

However, “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” could not be more alike from its predecessor. With its heightened drama and a hint of despondency, the track is the perfect soundtrack for your next heartbreak. Watch and get the track via Bandcamp below.