All good things must come to an end on Library Baby’s new track “I Guess”

Indie-folk duo Library Baby release their fifth single “I Guess” ahead of their upcoming debut album Signs & Clues.

Gearing up to the release of their debut LP, North Carolina based lo-fi duo Library Baby – comprised of Sarah Royal and Justin Lacy – have dropped another heartfelt yet dangerously cutting ballad in the form of their latest single “I Guess”. Made as a sort of companion piece to their previously released fourth single “Dragonflies”, “I Guess” evokes the same romantic and tender mood.

Yet as with any Library Baby track, “I Guess” is full of textures, nuances and care: there’s always more than meets the ears in one of their soundscapes. The synths, bass clarinet, drums, guitar and Royal’s voice all come together to create something truly magical and delightfully ominous.

The bass clarinet – played by Laura York – wouldn’t sound amiss on a 50’s film noir soundtrack, creating a cloudy mood that stirs over the ever ethereal vocals. If “Dragonflies” was the beginning of the great romance, then “I Guess” is the potential end; building a picture perfect romance before tearing it down with cutting lyrics such as “I’ll wade in our garden of weeds/as you plead and implore/you bring home all the meat/I won’t eat anymore”.

On their Instagram announcing the release of the track, the duo wrote “This one has been with us since the beginning and is a kind of companion to “Dragonflies”. Giving it new life through the added orchestration of friends has made it even more moving and magical than we could ever imagine.”

Rachel Chandler