Magdalena Bay reflect on their career with “Story”

"Story" is taken from Magdalena Bay's freshly released EP, A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling, out on Luminelle Recordings.

Los Angeles pop duo Magdalena Bay continue their path to the tops of the pop with the release of a banger-packed new EP… and it’s a euphemism. Mica Tenenbaum (singer-songwriter) and Matthew Lewin (songwriter-producer) have this very magic touch, the one that enables them to release bop after bop at high speed without disappointing. A Little Rhythm and a Wicked Feeling is one of their best collections of tracks so far, and we don’t take any risks when we say that this will remain a milestone of 2020 for all the indie-pop lovers.

On “Story,” the final single off the 8-track project, the pair reflect on their career and think about their first days as a band, when they thought everything would be easy and fast. The music biz is assuredly tough for up and coming artists. And even when a career starts to take off, nothing is settled. No need to explain why with the actual situation (read: support Magdalena Bay whose recent tour got cancelled, as well as all your other favourite artists).

“Every artist gets a reality check at some point about how rough the music industry is,” explains Mica. “We wrote Story after the first time our hopes and dreams were dashed. The song is a look back at our previously naive selves, who thought it would all be so easy- as if!”

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