Malummí take us on a trippy journey with “Shoes”

“Shoes” is taken from Malummí‘s debut album, Blood, out via Irascible Records.

Brazil, Italy, and Croatia converge in Malummí, a transnational electronic trio formed in 2018. Led by the singer Larissa Rapold, Malummí specialise in spacey experimental pop. There’s something of Laurie Anderson in Rapold‘s off-kilter vocals and in her liberal approach to melody, not to speak of the ominous synths taking over every track. Even though the band make extremely re-playable pop songs, their music does not rely on hooks and melodic immediacy. They take a weirder route instead, one by which you feel the need to revisit the songs so you can figure out what in the world have you just heard.

A couple of weeks ago, Malummí released their debut album, Blood. It’s an eight-song collection of experimental electronica of the highest order. From the echoes of Burial in the self-titled opener song to the dancier approach of “Far Away”, Blood is an impressive journey through the left field of electronic music. We are happy to be premiering the music video for one of the best songs off the album, “Shoes”. “Shoes” is a perfect example of Malummí‘s sound, a noisy and busy song that is as fun as it is fascinating. Its music video, directed by Ananda Schmidt, plays with super-imposed images, home video, and hyper-detail in order to enhance the song’s psychedelic effect. It’s a full trip that you can experience below.