Takykardia reach out to fellow romantics on explosive new single “Waving”

Copenhagen trio Takykardia say no to instant dating on their rave-y yet dreamy new single “Waving”, taken from their upcoming full-length debut.

Listening to Takykardia‘s new track is like stumbling upon a delicate flower in full bloom: “Waving” charms with a soothing melody, refined texture and thoughtful lyrics. The self-proclaimed pop wizards have soaked in influences from a colourful palette of genres, and they’ve done their homework figuring how to employ them to their advantage.

As if tuning in on the radio just in the right moment, the listener enters the song to Luna Matz breathing out the line: “Cause I don’t like to wait”. Her voice is driven by patience and restlessness simultaneously, exposing the struggle people “running out of their twenties” face when navigating romantic relationships. “I don’t wanna sip wine with a stranger and test whether or not we’re a good match. I’m a romantic and I’d love to be completely swept away,” says the singer of her aversion to dating.

It may be hard to find a partner for life, but it’s easy to get swept away by the lustrous instrumental loops that exceed into joyous curls on several occasions throughout the song. The keyboardist David Nedergaard and drummer Troels Dankert provide a foundation which is enriched and embellished by three musicians joining the band on this track: guitarist Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh, bassist Janus Bagh and harpist Selma Judith Trier.

With its pensive yet positive atmosphere, “Waving” is a sympathetic nod to other romantic souls out there, a comforting promise that their wait will be worthwhile. Watch the accompanying video, courtesy of the band’s very own Luna Matz and visual artist Ali Asperheim, below.

Natálie Zehnalová