Swedish quartet Melby share wistful and lush new track “Old Life”

Melby‘s new single, “Old Life,” is out via Rama Lama Records.

Swedish indie quartet Melby have been busy recording new music during the pandemic. Following up to “Common Sense,” they have recently shared “Old Life,” the second track that was crafted in isolation, in close collaboration with producer Alexander Eldefors. Drawing from psychedelic folk, the textured offering breathes melancholia, driven by Matilda Wiezell‘s rumination and sepia-toned arrangements.

“‘Old Life’ consists of an upbeat, sort of entangled, rhythmic foundation, playing against gloomy and almost dreamlike melodies on top,” the band detailed. “It sounds a bit like flying, looking down at the landscapes and people passing by beneath you. You’re flying fast, but there’s also this peacefulness to it. That feeling ties into the lyrical theme, that revolves around moving to another country, and leaving your old life behind.”

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