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Melby Music Should Feel

Stockholm’s Melby think that “Music Should Feel”

Melby‘s new single “Music Should Feel” is taken from their sophomore album, Looks Like A Map, out October 21 via

Melby Old Life

Swedish quartet Melby share wistful and lush new track “Old Life”

Melby‘s new single, “Old Life,” is out via Rama Lama Records. Swedish indie quartet Melby have been busy recording new

wy come here video David Möller

Wy expand their softer side on stripped back, vulnerable cut “Come Here”

Malmö-based duo Wy are back with diaristic fragile track “Come Here” ahead of third album Marriage out May via Rama

Melby VCR

Melby’s “VCR” is a Beatles-esque beauty that’s both childlike and mature

Stockholm’s Melby share lead-off track from debut album, None of This Makes Me Worry, due in April via Rama Lama

chez ali

Chez Ali’s “Blue Cheese” is the break-up song you needed

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Newcomer Chez Ali shares his insecurities about an ending relationship in “Blue Cheese”. Behind that moniker hides