Mia Porter goes after life’s big questions with “daisies”

“Daisies” is taken from Mia Porter‘s debut EP, okay, out tomorrow May 14.

Earlier this year, we were impressed by “pivot,” Mia Porter’s debut single. Porter put out two more singles shortly afterwards, and this Friday she is releasing her first EP okay. It’s an impressive five-song collection where, following the contemporary singer-songwriter practice, the Rotterdam-based artist dwells on heavy topics and larger narratives from a personal, anecdotical point of view. As exemplified by early singles “pivot”, and “mercy,” Porter has a good ear for tasteful arrangements and a knack for writing melodies that don’t overstay their welcome. In fact, briefness is one of her trademarks: none of her first 3 singles come close to the 3-minute mark.

We are premiering the final teaser for Porter’s EP, its opener “daisies”. It’s a somewhat deceptive song. Whereas her previous singles presented themselves as groovy, electric gut-punches, “daisies” opens the record with Mia Porter singing over a gently strummed acoustic guitar, the arrangements hinting at a build-up to come. It’s not too long before we’re back in familiar territory, with a pulsating bassline driving the song forwards and her voice growing more sensual by the minute. The final pay-off comes in the form of an instrumental hook played on a 70s-esque guitar, like something taken out of a Fleetwood Mac record: a fitting high point for a song about the passing of time.

Like her previous singles, “daisies” also boasts its own video, a grainy and wholesome Varda-esque filming of elderly women in a flower garden. Watch the Pelle Nijburg-directed visuals and support Mia via Bandcamp below.