Michael Paradise experiences comedown on summery cut “Lil World of Mine”

“Lil World of Mine” is taken from Michael Paradise‘s upcoming EP, due out later this Spring.

Michael Paradise’s new track “Lil World of Mine” is a deliciously vibey take on disillusionment. The track acts as a meditation on the disappointing truth that even as our dreams become our reality, we are still sad.

Made in collaboration with Paradise’s friend Goldchain, “Lil World of Mine” is lush late-summer indie pop – sunbaked and beach-sand caked – all laid back groove, filtered bedroom pop synths, analogue bass tone, and sepia-washed vocals. The waves of the track roll by like a windows-down drive along Route 1. It’s an undeniable vibe – there’s nothing to be done but let your eyes close and your head lean back.

This warm familiar atmosphere is a cozy place to examine your life’s disappointments. “At the bottom now lookin up, starin at my life. And I don’t mind fuckin up, as long as I don’t have to try,” sings Paradise. It’s an all too familiar headspace. Sunday mornings too tired to try and peel apart the cobwebs in your head; “I ruined my life. And I took my time. And I ruined my body, staying out all night.” But there’s a resigned acceptance in the song too – a realist’s take on disillusionment – “This little world of mine I’m sick of it. But you can only wanna dye just a little bit.” As Paradise puts it, “this EP has almost been an outlet for me to describe how and why I feel down about life, allowing myself to come out the other side and just be ok with it. To stop needing things to be better. They just are.”

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