MOTHERMARY beam a flash of light with lush dark pop anthem “Give It Up”

New York-based twin duo MOTHERMARY‘s new single, “Give It Up,” is out via Italians Do It Better.

MOTHERMARY‘s new track, “Give It Up,” might seem to be at odds at the very first glance, but speaking from personal experience, sisters Larena and Elyse Winn know very well that sometimes you need to let go of something to set yourself free. “Give It Up” is a love song they wrote for themselves and for everyone who is struggling, encouraging listeners to stay strong and persevere no matter the challenge ahead. As the general fatigue of 2020 spreads across the globe, who would say no to a confidence boost in the shape of a charming tune?

Fairytale chirping lures you in at the beginning, and luscious synths set up a backdrop for vocals around which the track unfurls. The sisters explain they usually improvise lyrics and melody over the chords for however long it takes to come up with something that sticks, consciously allowing their subconscious to surface. Listeners can chip in with their own thoughts at points when the words are hard to catch, after all, it’s foremostly the cadence of Elyse‘s voice which makes the track pleasantly addictive. The song alternates between mellow build-ups and bouncy highs which come in announced by drum kicks. It reaches its full bloom as the chorus line unfolds into its intended ambivalence: “Are you ever gonna give it up?”.

For MOTHERMARY, making music is their chosen mode of protest. The twins escaped the cocooned environment they grew up, giving up the protection of the religious community that had to be requited by conformity and obedience and chose to carve their own path instead. “Give It Up” is a reminder that letting go is just as important as fighting for something – both actions are a catalyst for change.

Watch the accompanying self-directed visuals below.

Natálie Zehnalová