Muna Ileiwat sets her own pace with second single “Call Me In”

Muna Ileiwat’s new track “Call Me In” is out now via Galang.

Muna Ileiwat’s second release is at once a lament and a warning. “Don’t call me in / Call again, call me in” she sings, over a backing that alternates between stripped-back, delicately plucked acoustic guitar, haunting single-note keys, and brooding, building electronic samples.

Simplifying the percussive elements of the song in comparison to her first single “Baby”, Ileiwat’s lyrics show a more weighted vulnerability this time round. Impactful use of vocal layering techniques and electronic samples bring a darkness that contrasts with the sweetness of Muna Ileiwat’s voice, adding to the track’s genre-spanning nature. Fusing elements of R&B, indie and alternative pop, she creates a sound that’s both immensely palatable and distinct enough to be uniquely hers.

Releasing her tracks through Galang, a label/collective she co-founded to provide a platform for female and non-binary artists of colour, Ileiwat is part of a wider movement aiming toward expressive and creative freedom and equality. Now London-based, she was born in New Jersey and spent part of her life living in the Netherlands. Drawing on this wealth of cultural influence, she infuses her music with it; giving her songwriting a depth that encompasses her experiences. A very worthy project led by a driven, interesting young artist. Both Galang and Muna Ileiwat are one’s to keep an eye on.

Addison Paterson

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