Shura Forevher album review

Shura – forevher [album review]

Shura’s sophomore album, forevher, is out now via Secretly Canadian. For good reason, Shura sounds, for lack of a better

Megan D Save Me A Seat

Megan D releases gently uplifting new single “Save Me A Seat”

Megan D‘s “Save Me A Seat” is out now, released independently. The terms ‘independent’ and ‘DIY’ are stamped on artists

Shura The Stage Forevher

Shura’s latest single “the stage” surges with anticipation

Shura‘s “the stage” is the third single from her upcoming album forevher, out August 16 on Secretly Canadian. Released this

Sam Lynch Not My Body by Christina Bourne

Sam Lynch embarks on a search for self in video for new song “Not My Body”

Sam Lynch‘s new single “Not My Body” is out now. Sam Lynch doesn’t mince her words. Earlier this spring, the

Cigarette Light Blues MOOD

Cigarette pay a touching tribute to a close friend on new track “Mood”

Cigarette premiere new single “Mood” taken from their new album Light Blues, out today. A google search for ‘Cigarette band’

Shura Hollie Fernando BKLYNLDN

⚡ Shura’s comeback song “BKLYNLDN” gives sound to desire

“BKLYNLDN” is out now. Save for a number of inspired remixes, there’s been something close to musical silence from Shura

Benz Erazor

Benz is sweetly reflective on upcoming EP’s title-track “Erazor”

“Erazor” is taken from Benz’ upcoming EP due out February 15 on Better Call Rob. Just two singles deep, Swedish

Wy Pavements

⚡ Wy release jarring new single “Pavements”

Wy‘s new song “Pavements” is out via Hybris. A year on from their excellent debut LP “Okay”, Wy continue as