Kisskadee gracefully embraces existentialism on “Black Hole Era”

“Black Hole Era” is the title track of Kisskadee‘s official debut album, out May 6 via Anxiety Blanket Records.

Kisskadee‘s “Black Hole Era” shares the name with her album releasing on May 6th through Anxiety Blanket Records. Shifting from wistful dream pop to bubbly old-school pop to soothingly numbing ambience, Kisskadee‘s new release takes a number of cues from Deerhunter old and new all while maintaining her own personal touch through her wandering vocal delivery, existentialist lyricism and compositional variation. Along with the release of the track, Kisskadee and Anxiety Blanket Records have shared a lyric video whose background film adds another layer of haunting determinism to the listening experience.

Kicking off like a hymn heralding the apocalypse with organ-like synths before some satisfyingly bare interplay between a lone keyboard & rhythm section is introduced, the track quickly establishes Kisskadee‘s dismal thesis. She embraces comfort in the fact that her life and relationships follow a path ending in some kind of inevitable nothingness. Moving between a dreamlike weariness and an upbeat yet unrequited jaunt accentuated by deliberate, jangly guitar strums and playful piano chords, “Black Hole Era” seems to reflect her own coming to terms with her realization. Her choice to pair cosmic imagery with a very human set of troubles presents establishes an unlikely comforting juxtaposition that fills you with an unexpected feeling of ease in the face of pedestrian griefs. Fears overcome and uncertainty embraced, the song shifts one last time, and as though she’s accepted her reality, deteriorates into a blissfully psychedelic collage of static’d-out noise, emulating well what might occur if her ruminations were gradually disrupted by an all-consuming black hole.

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