Dana Gavanski’s “Indigo Highway”: a guide to reconnecting?

“Indigo Highway” is off of Dana Gavanski‘s upcoming album When It Comes, out April 29 via Full Time Hobby.

An ode to old friendships lost but not forgotten, Dana Gavanski‘s “Indigo Highway” both sonically – with its distinctly retro palette – and lyrically led me on my own platonic introspections. A piano drops in rather whimsically to a jaunting first phrase as Gavanski introduces her tripled voice, propelled by synthesizer. Instantaneously expanding to beautiful layers of intricately pieced-together keys of all sorts, the tune is kept in lockstep by a consistent no-frills drumkit. The otherwise percussive arrangement really lets the Canadian-Serbian artist’s wistful croon stand out; her melodies somehow both idiosyncratic yet familiar.

Having had the recent and absolutely serendipitous opportunity to reconnect with a number of old friends, to me, “Indigo Highway” serves just as its name implies. It can be easy to see time spent apart as having been too long, too effortful to recover. Just like the mirror (see enthralling video below directed by Daisy Dickinson) unable to convey the full potency of the sun’s rays through my screen, it can feel as though some youthful innocence may never be completely recovered. Gavanski‘s steady vocal delivery reassures the listener: don’t try too hard; go sit by a nice tree – your paths have diverged in unknown ways and you’ve the pleasure of meeting again. Reclaiming old friendship is no easy task; follow the example of the perseverant keys driving the track along to its conclusion – remain steady, upbeat and supportive. Watch and pre-order the album via Bandcamp below.

Jimmy Gutierrez

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