New EP Alert : Charli XCX – Vroom Vroom

To be just completely honest with you, this is a collaboration we weren’t expecting at all. But now that is done, we are more like “why this collaboration didn’t happen before ?!”. Charli XCX and Sophie have in a way the same type of career : pushing the limits of pop music, creating something new and way more aggressive than the mainstream scene and somehow with magic and talent taking control of it. “Vroom Vroom” is the first draft of this collaboration and the least we can say it’s that it is groundbreaking

From track one to four, the impressive collaboration is fulfilled with each one of their strengths : a place where you are able to sing and scream as only Charli XCX can do (remember Icona Pop‘s “I Love It” or the catchy tune by Iggy AzaleaFancy“, well Charli XCX is behind of it) and Sophie‘s incredible and out of this world production. “Vroom Vroom” the opening track is the perfect example of the combination that is going for sure change the face of pop music.

In “Trophy”, you can perceive that strange energy coming from Sophie : the track sounds like sweat, clubs and well… sex. It reminds perfectly the career of Sophie with his last EP coming released last year called “Product“. With “Secret” they sound even romantic as it was with his track “Just Like We Never Said Goodbye” and the presence of Hannah Diamond in her track “Paradise” just make the EP more beautiful.

In a statement, Charli XCX declared that this EP helped her to ” feel the most creative I have in a long time and I couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter.” and how her collaboration is a lot about them being “aggressive, sometimes we get beautiful; he pushes me and I push him.” This EP does not also open a new chapter for Charli XCX career but also announces the launch of her own label simply called Vroom Vroom Recordings. This new label started already ? the release of bands Charli truly believes in, and she declared about them “The artists coming up through it will be sharp, potent, deadly, and ultimately, will leave their mark on pop music.”

You can check the audio of CuckooLander called “Beating Myself Up” and the video of RIVRS for their track “Friend Lover”

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