Obongjayar keeps the bar high with the hypnotic ‘Endless’

When we reviewed Obongjayar’s debut EP ‘Home’ back in December of last year, there were a few things that forcefully caught our attention. His voice, his spoken-word style, his clearly audible African roots – all pieces of a complexly enjoyable puzzle that was unlike much else we’ve ever heard.

With his first release since ‘Home’ – a fresh track called ‘Endless’ and an accompanying video – Obongjayar is forging deeper and deeper on a musical path that is his and his alone. There’s a definite sense of evolution and growth here, with much more melody being added, and a surprising dose of urgency now underlying the gripping, tribal drums. But, at the same time, Obongjayar still delivers odic verses similar to those that first introduced us to the Nigerian-born artist, and still manages to conjure up the deep, earthy feeling that made his music so intriguing in the first place.

Obongjayar’s ‘Endless’ is nothing if not hypnotic, appealing to some deeper sense of rhythm buried in human DNA.

Aside from the chant-like vocals and racing grooves, we’re also treated a gorgeous visual directed by Matilda Finn. The jumps back and forth between a strobe lit club and an orange-sanded desert perfectly illustrate the strange but successful organic-meets-exotic vibes being emitted by the song itself.

Obongjayar isn’t just one to watch; he’s one to study. Regardless of what his next move may be, there should be little doubt that it will exemplify a new boundary being pushed, or a new sound being forged.

Jonathan Vilardi

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