Agar Agar serve synth-pop bliss with “Nap”

Following up from their debut record The Dog And The Future, French duo Agar Agar are serving peak synthetic seduction on their two-track EP Nap, out on Cracki Records.

Similar to a soundtrack from Gaspar Noe’s French psychedelic-dance-horror film Climax, “Nap” is not exactly what we can call a restful night. At over five minutes long, the EP’s title track is electrifying as lead singer Clara hypnotically narrates a transcendental experience that pairs with Armand‘s glittery beats. Her soaring voice echoes for miles like a messenger bird while the composition evolves further and further into an acid track with a trance state of mind. Nonchalant and exalted as ever, Agar Agar are giving us the sweet temptation and memories of what going out to go clubbing once felt like.

The second track to the EP, “Aaaaah,” embodies a reflective soundscape for the listener (especially after following up from the previous whirlwind of a track). With only a fourth of the song left to spare, Clara starts to chime in, “in my dreamland, there is a ghost wandering around the alley.” Her calming meditation of a tale that’s none other than her own leave soft kisses on our foreheads from the fever dream of a journey this EP offers.

Crafted remotely during the confinement, the Nap EP is the product of an unprecedented situation, a 2-track metaphor that invites the listener to face the chaos and breathe. Listen below and stream “Nap” in our playlist Best Tracks of 2020.

Shahin Rafikian

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