Oracle Sisters release seductive and mesmerising video for “Spotlight”

“Spotlight” is taken from Oracle Sisters‘ upcoming EP, which was created in collaboration with Grammy award-winning Noah Georgeson.

Oracle Sisters are the reunited childhood friends Lewis Lazar and Christopher Willatt, who grew up in Brussels and are now based in Paris. The pair create sensual and provocative self-produced tracks together with a Finnish guitarist and drummer Julia Johanssen. Following up on their debut release “Always”, their new track, “Spotlight”, is seductively simple and dreamy. Directed by Victoria Lafaurie, the accompanying video encapsulates the smokey sound of the track, telling a story through “the world of the night”. There’s a queerness about it as it explores the Parisian drag queen scene as well as feminine attraction, whilst also throwing in visuals of rebirth and fascination.

In “Spotlight”, the guitar riffs have a kind of chilled rhythm to them that are vaguely reminiscent of a Hawaiian sound. Coupled with the falsetto vocals throughout, the whole track is a hazy and sensual experience, one that is similar to the imagery of that bar you may find yourself in at 3AM with no recollection of how you got there.

The band have likened the sound of the song to the “unique feeling of finding your muse within the crowd and locking eyes”: a feeling that many young creatives may be able to identify with. The line – “there is stillness in your stare, there is a wildness wondering there” – embodies the sentiment and emotion of the track as its dreamy nature leads to a kind of stillness whilst also hinting at something wild at play. There is no doubt that the song is rejuvenating and reaching down into the creative souls of those who listen and fully take in the video. Watch below.

Max Herridge

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