Rachael Philip plays around with field recording on “Relics In The Ice”

“Relics In The Ice” is taken from Rachael Philip‘s self-released album Wax Ephemeral.

Rachael Philip is a British composer who has mostly worked in film thus far. She has done a bunch of lush soundtracks for movies, documentaries, and even the odd advert. Now, she is venturing further into her career with the release of her first album, Wax Ephemeral. Philip has an innate knack for coming up with pensive sound landscapes by mixing up analogue, electronic, and field recording. Her music falls on the lighter side of ambient – taking Brian Eno as a point of reference, think The Plateaux of Mirror instead of On Land.

The lead single off the album is “Relics In The Ice”, a three-minute piece that sees Philip go back and forth between field recording and electronic ambient. The track makes the most out of Philip’s talents: she is particularly good at carefully slipping nature recordings into her sparse instrumental pieces. It all fits so seamlessly that you would think she commissioned the birds to tweet around the bright synths and casual piano melodies. “Relics In The Ice” is the sort of song that would play in the less distressing scenes of an Adam Curtis documentary, working as proof that there is a counterpoint to all the pain and misery in the world. Wax Ephemeral is out now.