Rebecca Vasmant captures unbridled joy with “Dance Yourself Free”

Rebecca Vasmant‘s amazing new single “Dance Yourself Free” is out now via Tru Thoughts.

Rebecca Vasmant is a Glasgow-based musician, producer, DJ, and Resident Advisor collaborator. Her music presents a seamless marriage between jazz and ambient. Spacious sound landscapes suddenly incorporate frantic woodwind, as if you were taking a walk in the countryside and bumped into a jazz band playing in the middle of nowhere. Earlier this year, Vasmant released her debut album With Love, From Glasgow, a love letter to her hometown taking the form of a layered jazz record. Now, she’s releasing a new EP titled Dance Yourself Free (April 2022), and she’s shared its title track.

Most of Vasmant‘s first record was downtempo, but she’s decided to spice things up now. With a percussive beat that will immediately get you on your feet and some glorious saxophone courtesy of Harry Weir, “Dance Yourself Free” is as high-energy and uplifting as music gets. When vocalist Emilie Boyd gleefully sings “just get up and dance”, it’s less a plea than an invitation that you can’t refuse. The song was born out of a sudden jam between friends, and it shows. “Dance Yourself Free” is simply delightful to listen to, 6 minutes of unbridled joy that reveal the ethos behind its conception: a few friends playing music together in a room so they can dance to it. Stream below or via our Best Tracks of 2021 playlist.