RHNO throws a house party with funky new bop “Ivana”

RHNO‘s self-released new track “Ivana” is out now.

One of the many home-based projects to emerge during the pandemic, RHNO is a New York-based duo consisting of two friends: Arjun Viswanathan and Kostas Papadopoulos. Their recent singles “Smoke of a Train” and “You’re Getting Stranger” proved to be a great addition to the constantly growing catalogue of calm, steady and nostalgic bedroom pop that describes the grim indoor reality extremely well.

More than a decade after its heyday, bedroom pop is still extremely popular. However, with Covid cases in decline lately, music lovers are going back to the old habit of dancing their worries away in the nearest club. In a move to capture the zeitgeist, RHNO have also decided to swap the cozy walls of the bedroom for the living room dance floor with their new single “Ivana”.

Whereas the laid-back melodies on “Smoke of a Train” were reminiscent of ballads by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, the energetic funk guitars, as well as expressive basslines on “Ivana,” could easily fit on Jessie Ware’s latest album. The distant synth melodies add substantial weight to the spacey mix, making the song pretty radio-friendly. However, the band clearly resists the impulse to abandon their lo-fi aesthetics. Featuring the perfectly soothing vocals that made RHNO popular in the first place, “Ivana” finds a perfect middle ground between the club and the house party.

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