Roos Meijer’s “In My Name” is left-field protest music

“In My Name” is the lead single from Roos Meijer‘s debut album, Why Don’t We Give It A Try?, to be self-released in November 2021.

Roos Meijer is a Dutch folk artist set to release her debut album in November. All breathy vocals and acoustic guitar arpeggios, Meijer is the sort of old school folk artist that could have been plucked straight out from the heyday of the protest song. One only needs to look at the title of her new album, Why Don’t We Give It A Try?, to identify the kind of wide-eyed optimism prevalent in late 60s counterculture. Roos Meijer’s scope is much wider, though. She tackles pressing, current issues, whether that is the climate emergency or the precariousness of LGBTQ+ youths. She’s the kind of artist who puts her money where her mouth is as well: her music has been shaped and broadened by her work in refugee camps.

We are happy to premiere “In My Name”, the lead single off Roos Meijer’s debut record. It’s a lovely, understated folk song that brings Roos’s delightful voice well to the fore, but it’s also much more than that. It’s a beautifully arranged song, so much that it’s easy to forget how great the actual melody and words are. From the left-field drumming coming in during the verses to the majestic string section that culminates the song, there is a distinct Eastern touch to “In My Name”. The track was inspired by the West Papua activist Julia Jouwe, and it certainly succeeds in bringing attention to an oft-overlooked struggle. Meijer’s music serves a clear social purpose, and it does so by amplifying voices that need to be heard louder.