SOPHIE challenges beauty standards in “Faceshopping” video

For her self-directed video of “Faceshopping”, SOPHIE shows us the boundaries between artificial and “real” beauty and challenges our current version of what’s beautiful.

After coming out as transgender earlier last year, the British producer underwent some body modifications. For the video, SOPHIE proves us that her new face is beautiful and doesn’t need everyone’s approval just because it is “fake”. In between electronic traps, her voice underlines some words such as “plastic surgery”, “My face is the real shop front” or “artificial bloom”, showcasing our obsession for vanity. “Faceshopping” is the third single of her upcoming LP, expected later this year. It follows singles “It’s Okay To Cry” and “Ponyboy“. About the track and the video, SOPHIE explained:

It’s about the emphasized idea that if you’re showing more face, you’re somehow being more real. But of course, there is a flip side to that, where you have false identities or different projections of yourself that you’re able to cultivate through your image. The contradictions inherent in that, and of course the idea of plastic surgery and prosthetics, is where that point of what’s real and what’s ungenuine falls, and I think there is a lot of confusion at the moment around that, particularly in music culture.
Matias Calderon

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