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Hildegard Helena deland ouri Jour 3 video

Hildegard (Helena Deland + Ouri) unveil video for new track “Jour 3”

Hildegard‘s self-titled debut album is out June 4 via section1. Montreal Helena Deland and Ouri have a band, Hildegard, and

Hildegard Jour 1 video

Hildegard announce debut album with rave-y new track “Jour 1”

“Jour 1” is the opening track of Hildegard‘s self-titled debut album, out May 4 via section1. Hildegard, the new duo

Hildegard Jour 2 video Ouri Helena Deland

Hildegard (Helena Deland + Ouri) debut with haunting mantra “Jour 2”

Hildegard‘s debut track, “Jour 2,” is out via freshly-founded label Section1 (an imprint of Partisan Records). Montreal-based singer-songwriter Helena Deland

Helena Deland Someone New live album performance session video

Helena Deland shares stunning live performance of her album Someone New

Helena Deland‘s debut album Someone New is out via Luminelle. In 2020, Montreal singer-songwriter Helena Deland released her excellent record

HighClouds best songs tracks year 2020

HighClouds: Best Tracks of 2020

Our staff have voted. Here are the 50 best tracks of 2020 according to HighClouds. Like every year, our team

Helena Deland Someone new interview album review artwork

Helena Deland breaks down debut album Someone New

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Helena Deland sat down with HighClouds to wade through the meaning behind her flawless full-length release, Someone New,

Helena Deland Pale video CREDIT- Sabrina Jolicoeur

Helena Deland shares mesmeric new song “Pale”

“Pale” is taken from Helena Deland‘s upcoming debut album, Someone New, out October 16 on Luminelle. Montreal singer-songwriter Helena Deland

Helena Deland Turth Nugget

Helena Deland shares dreamy new single “Truth Nugget”

“Truth Nugget” is taken from Helena Deland‘s upcoming debut album Someone New, out October 16 on Luminelle Recordings. Montreal’s singer-songwriter