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ANNIE-CLAUDE DESCHÊNES announces debut album, shares “PHONES”

“PHONES” is taken from ANNIE-CLAUDE DESCHÊNES‘ debut album LES MANIÈRES DE TABLE, out this Spring via Italians Do It Better

Annie-Claude Deschenes menace minimale by Yannick Grandmont

Annie-Claude Deschênes reintroduces herself with “MENACE MINIMALE”

Annie-Claude Deschênes‘ debut track, “MENACE MINIMALE,” is out via Italians Do It Better and Bonsound. Already a prominent presence in

out this week workhorse fonteyn claude sunfear plaster cast italians do it better after dark

Out this week: Workhorse, Fonteyn, Claude, Plaster Caster and more…

Besides Panda Bear & Sonic Boom‘s Reset, here are some other notable releases out this week. After a week-long break

Juno Francis Hey You Goodbye Me video

Juno Francis embark on a dark disco trip with “Hey You Goodbye Me”

Juno Francis” new single “Hey You Goodbye Me” is out via Italians Do It Better. Swedish psychedelic and glamorous duo

JUNO FRANCIS Symmetry video by Amaan Hassen

Juno Francis and Alejandro Molinari team up again on Italo-disco “Symmetry”

Juno Francis and Alejandro Molinari‘s “Symmetry” is out on Italians Do It Better. After “Sunday Morning,” Juno Francis and Alejandro

Dlina Volny Whatever Happens Next

Dlina Volny dedicate “Whatever Happens Next” to Belarusian protesters

Dlina Volny‘s new track, “Whatever Happens Next,” is out via Italians Do It Better. Based in Minsk, capital of Belarus,

MOTHERMARY Give It Up video

MOTHERMARY beam a flash of light with lush dark pop anthem “Give It Up”

New York-based twin duo MOTHERMARY‘s new single, “Give It Up,” is out via Italians Do It Better. MOTHERMARY‘s new track,

Club Intl Crush video

Club Intl channel their upstairs neighbours on “Crush”

Club Intl‘s debut track, “Crush”, is out on Italians Do It Better. When a nightclub was built on top of