Tan Cologne premiere trippy video for new single “Heretic Porcelain”

Inimitable duo Tan Cologne follow up record Cave Vaults On The Moon in New Mexico with serene new release, “Heretic Porcelain,” out today via Labrador Records.

Judging from their past releases, Tan Cologne have an insatiable appetite for the strange and unexplored. The duo – made up of interdisciplinary artists Lauren Green and Marissa Macias – released their superbly spaced-out debut album, Cave Vaults On The Moon In New Mexico, earlier this year on Labrador Records. Their newest single “Heretic Porcelain” picks up this thread of expansive, other-wordly music; though this most recent track is a bit more down-to-Earth than Tan Cologne‘s previous gravity-immune offerings.

“Heretic Porcelain” embraces the fantasy elements of dream pop. A dreamier iteration of what groups like Sleigh Bells or Cults are trying to accomplish, the song’s wispy vocals and effervescent guitars shine like a harvest moon. This obsession with the fantastic doesn’t stop with the instrumentals. Tan Cologne seem to have a fascination with language, obvious by their band name and this release’s track title, “Heretic Porcelain”, both of which seem to have been chosen less because of their literal meaning and more for the effect these phrases will have on listeners. The resulting product, this emphasis on the vibe of things rather than the veracity of it, makes “Heretic Porcelain” inherently mysterious and automatically meaningful.

This preference for emotion over explicitness bleeds into the accompanying video for “Heretic Porcelain.” The piece is brimming with expressive images, though it’s not always clear what these images are meant to convey. The girls strum on their instruments as laundry flaps in the wind. In other shots, the pair search through their backyard with a metal detector. A crowd of horses stand in a shimmering field. The final shots show the two burying something, or perhaps digging something up? As white sheet flaps in the wind. The experience is ultimately akin to something between a daydream and a drug trip. Even if the meaning isn’t immediately clear, the themes of searching and wandering are evident and effective.

One of the most pleasantly puzzling and positively promising introductions of 2020, Tan Cologne is ready to sing audiences into a serene, sonic stupor. Check out the video for “Heretic Porcelain” below, premiering exclusive on HighClouds.

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