Torri Weidinger reaches impossible heights with “Trinkets”

Torri Weidinger‘s “Trinkets” is the first single taken from her upcoming debut album.

If you’re a musician from Nashville, chances are that you’re a folk-oriented singer-songwriter. It’s not unlike being born into a family of doctors, except here it’s a banjo that’s being wielded instead of a scalpel. Even with the music industry nearing its dying breath, the home of country music is still a safe haven for young songwriters trying to make it. It’s an extremely nourishing environment to cut your teeth in, but it does come with a caveat – with so many musicians about, being noticed isn’t easy.

Once in a while, a music prodigy out of Nashville will come and grab our undivided attention. Such is the case of 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist Torri Weidinger, a songwriter whose lineage can be directly traced to Adrianne Lenker or Andrew Bird. A highly accomplished musician, Weidinger set her sights on the cello, which she started playing when she was eleven. Last year, she released an EP called Outside The Chateau Apartments as Garden Gloves, a folk duo comprised by her and Jackson Wooten.

Now, Weidinger is putting out her first solo single in a while, “Trinkets”. A song about an anxiously attached lover, “Trinkets” builds its bittersweet melodies over delicate guitar plucking patterns and deft brushings of piano. But what truly gives “Trinkets” its emotional weight is the cello arrangements that ebb and flow throughout the piece, coming out in the moments of maximum intensity to match the pathos in Weidinger‘s voice. It’s a fantastic song – and we can only hope that there are more of these on the way.