ULYSSE are looking to keep momentum with sublime video “Mañana”

A few months succeeding their startling come back with “ACID“- which has almost racked up 200k views- the Belgian triumvirate ULYSSE are looking to keep momentum with “Mañana”, the second single of their forthcoming EP.

Right from the start of the track, ULYSSE greet your ears with a welcoming party of sounds that will get your head bobbing and paste a smile across your face as the song develops into a sun-soaked, summer nostalgia-inducing number. While keeping everything seamlessly lucid to appeal to a wide range of listeners, the boys stay true to themselves flowing through multiple genres (synth-pop, funk, rock, dance) as you sway side by side.

ULYSSE always manage to find the perfect balance between radiophonic accessibility while also carrying an edgy aesthetic to their sound, and “Mañana” is just another testament to this fact. With many layers of futuristic synth textures marked by a throbbing beat and some funky guitar licks, ULYSSE may not have reinvented their own wheel with this single but as the track progresses they move into newfound territory. Some ingredients they’ve never used thus far are incorporated like their own French vocals and what’s more, with a vocoder while a gunshot sample, as well as some salsa-influenced percussion, are added to the mix.

Once again, a sublime video accompanies the track. Self-directed by band member Benoit Do Quang aka A$ian Rocky, it looks like the singular architecture, lush vegetation and sunshine made up for Frank Ocean‘s cancelled gig at the Primavera festival they came for (oddly, they predicted it in our interview with them). Shot at dawn outside Barcelona, we follow Arnaud, Julien and Benoit around towers of the Walden-7, the Forum of Cultures and Grupo Planeta’s headquarters. Watching the band traverse surreal and exotic landscapes intensifies even more “caliente” energy to the song which will certainly become a fan-favourite during their upcoming shows.

Speaking of which, the Brussels trio recently welcomed a drummer on stage and have just been announced as Les Nuits Bota headliners for May. Ahead of 2018, catch them at the Reflektor in Liège on October 20 to experience what appears to be their EP’s release party. ULYSSE are one of those bands occupying their own lane and when it comes to their future we are indeed “longing for mañana”.

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