Vijunns dives deeper into ambient with “Inner”

Vijunns‘ latest single, “Inner,” is out via Hyperreal Projects.

Vijunns‘ newest single “Inner” explores a more ambient territory for the Los Angeles multi-talented artist, deepening the aerial soundscapes crafted on his 2021 aptly-named EP, Liminal. The track’s three minutes are carried by a bright riff with variations on an analog melody.

“Inner” has a warm tone, with a minimal percussion that provides a grounding energy. It is the perfect soundtrack for gazing out the window in the backseat of your car as you pass a sun-drenched field, or perhaps for watching a train moving slowly in the distance at sunset. Essentially, it’s scene-setting music, reminiscent of the atmospheres developed on Brian Eno‘s concept albums or, more recently, Green-House‘s nature-inspired new-age.

Jeremy Raskin of Vijunns is both a music producer and graphic designer, and the influence of his second vocation can definitely be felt in his work – a quick tour of his YouTube page shows visualizers for past tracks that when coupled with the music are totally immersive. Even without an accompanying visualizer, “Inner” feels very tangible. And we stay in the same groove throughout the track, which gives plenty of time to really live in this mood, a key component of ambient music.

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