YellowStraps release mellifluous new single “Nights Up”

Belgian band YellowStraps returned last year with “Like Magic” announcing their upcoming EP “BLAME” out on April 20th. Now signed to Majestic Casual Records, they shared a second single “Nights Up”.

YellowStraps seem to absorb the best of jazz, neo-soul, hip-hop and even more. Laying out the narrative of a girl who wants more than a friendship, the Murenzi brothers and Dutch co-producer VYNK sculpted “Nights Up” around swirling synths, elegant piano keys and walking bass paving the way for a sensual duet featuring vocals from Australian singer St.South.

There’s a lot of electronic-infused soul music being made right now, but even in a crowded arena of good music, YellowStraps stick out head and shoulders above the rest. It’s soothing and assuaging at once, replete with a warm, seductive air like seeing dust float in the sunlight.

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