Zoee debuts with “Betcha”, an undeniably catchy post break-up pop anthem

Zoee‘s debut track “Betcha” is out via Secret Songs.

“Betcha” is Zoee’s debut single, out on Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs project. An artist based in London, Zoee is a collaborator and live singer with the up-and-coming British duo The Rhythm Method – basically a poppier, Pet Shop Boys-ified version of The Streets who are shaking up London’s underground. The up-and-coming artist is now doing her own thing, and her first song has surpassed all expectations.

“Betcha” is a captivating pop track, one that draws from modern hip-hop as much as it does from contemporary pop visionaries like Grimes. From the glossy synthesiser work to the nursery rhyme melody of the chorus, this is a pop song fair and square. An obvious nod to the PC Music gang, Zoee’s impossibly high-pitched vocals are what ultimately make the song: “Bet you don’t hesitate / bet you don’t contemplate / Bet you don’t hold her hand”, in classic better-than-her post-breakup bravado. That being said, the way it never deviates from its hook, using it more as a beat to latch on than a culminating chorus, playfully finding its way back to it, is pure hip-hop. This is pop music at its best: forward-thinking, relatable, and, most importantly, undeniably catchy.

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