⚡ Belgian songstress SHE Major shares nightly pop track "Please Don't"

We are always excited to present to you the best of the Belgian scene, as we are based in Brussels. And the least we can say is that SHE Major is one of the most exciting artists we’ve heard in a while.

The powerful and nocturnal production will remind you the best tracks of Rosie Lowe and her angelical voice will definitely please Banks‘ fans. The track grows on you, little by little thanks to an electronic uprising with an ending that will give you chills. You will have the impression of seeing a flower blossoming in front of your eyes, letting you see its beauty slowly, without any pause to breath.

“Please Don’t Fall In Love” – SHE Major

While the piano takes the main lead in the track, the subtle electronic vibrations start possessing until the moment when the emotions simply explode. Asking her lover not to fall in love, the passion and urge seem to get stronger, as she keeps repeating “please, don’t fall in love”. Have you ever feel like not falling in love was impossible? The track is then full of contradictions as the lyrics ask you to not fall in the trap, while the production is basically inviting you to come in and let your feelings go. About “Please Don’t, SHE major explained:

I have a lot of time to think and to feel, so I need to write things down. “Please Don’t” started out as a letter to someone I used to know.

As we have been listening to this track on repeat, we can wait to see her career blossom. If you are also ready to fall in love with her, you can follow SHE Major on Facebook. “Please Don’t” is out now via [PIAS].

Matias Calderon