March 2017

Rei Brown Take Care

Rei Brown’s latest tune “Take Care” is a refreshing flip of Drake’s track

With Drake finally releasing his album/mixtape/playlist/cassette-tape-you-made-for-your-girlfriend-in-1997, “More Life”, I wasn’t expecting that the best new Drake music I’d hear this

JFDR Brazil review

JFDR – Brazil

Discover JFDR, the solo project of Icelandic auteur Jófríður Ákadóttir, and her captivating and intimate new album Brazil. Ákadóttir is

Jince 20 songs puppy love

JINCE’s playlist, [Puppy Love], brings 20+ delicious new tunes to your ears

Ladies and gents, welcome to another round of “Jince-introduces-us-to-some-dope-ass-songs-that-came-out-recently” and I’m your host, Jince 😉 and this week’s playlist is

SAÍGO waiting game

With “Waiting Game”, SAÍGO restores a bit more the meaning of “future soul”

We follow SAÍGO for quite some time already and every time the Los Angeles-based artist releases a new track, he


Newcomer Joël Lobban shares sensual electro-R&B debut “Reload”

Toronto has always been known for its flourishing artistic scene. Just by naming Drake, Majid Jordan and DVSN, you know


J F L E shares experimental tension in new video “Shy Lovers”

London-based experimental artist J F L E is back with a brand new video for his single “Shy Lovers” out


Rachel K Collier shares electro-pop banger “Paper Tiger”

With a voice that can remind Santigold or even MØ, Rachel K Collier is taking the pop genre by storm


Petrie deals with male entitlement in club culture in “Slurs”

A few weeks ago, we fell in love with British producer Petrie and his song “To Swim“. He is enchanting