Alicia Clara invites us to explore with “Closing Time At The Gates”

Alicia Clara adds a contemporary flair to old sounds and images in her the “Closing Time At The Gates” video.

During a time when many are trapped inside, Alicia Clara‘s newest music video “Closing Time At The Gates” is a welcome reprieve from the monotony of being in the same, familiar spaces. The video is a trip around the world, a breath of fresh air when listeners desperately need one.

The video opens up on a sun-filled, sparkling landscape filtered through a sepia-toned, vintage frame. The focus then shifts to Clara herself, outfitted in a denim suit, bright red glasses, and a trendy pair of earrings. She strums on a white guitar as she sits and sings on a bed of glittering snow. The scene shifts back, depicting younger Clara enjoying herself on a beach. From here, images cascade by: the swirling of the ocean, Clara dancing in the past, a beautiful sky full of fluffy clouds, Clara swaying in the present…

The video seamlessly transitions from past to present, the perfect background for a song that toes the line between retro and futuristic. Alicia Clara‘s music plays within the realm of the chillwave melodies pioneered by bands like Neon Indians in the 80’s that more recently had a resurgence in the early 2000s with artists including Toro y Moi. That said, Clara isn’t stuck in the past; “Closing Time At The Gates” borrows from vintage sounds to create exciting new melodies. In a statement released regarding the video, the Montreal-based artist explains, “The song originated from my confusion as to where I’m supposed to belong physically, so for the video I wanted to depict a sort of travel of the mind through memories, with old home videos and more recent footage.” Though it spawned from a feeling of confusion, “Closing Time At The Gates” finds solid footing as it navigates between new and old sounds.

Ultimately, the video succeeds in its fun and whimsy. For example, Clara showcases her ballet training with understated flits of the hips and hands in trendy inserts; in some frames, she’s even holding a small, grey kitten as she dances. However, it’s really the fashion that steals the show of this video. Throughout, the singer-songwriter appears in retro outfits with spunky accessories– large barrettes, rectangular sunglasses, colourful blouses, and glittering hoops. Clara commented on these stylistic choices, “I went for something really campy in style because I didn’t want the matter to be taken too seriously, I wanted this to be fun above all.”

Alicia Clara‘s “Closing Time At The Gates” is the perfect escape for a moment when leaving the house is impossible. As she waxes nostalgic for a past she cannot revisit, listeners may relate with their own yearning for places they hope to return to soon. Getaway by watching the groovy video below.

This track is now added to our playlist Best Tracks of 2020.

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