If you are a loyal reader, you probably know that AM!R’s debut EP is a collection of singles that he


Dagny – Ultraviolet EP

The beginning of September has brought a wave of new music, and with it Dagny’s debut “Ultraviolet EP”. The Norwegian


Izzy Bizu – A Moment of Madness

Saying Izzy Bizu has had a busy year would be an understatement. After debuting back in 2013, the South West London native took a hiatus for three years. She started catching some glances while opening for Sam Smith. Then about a year ago, she released the explosive single, “White Tiger”, and it’s been full steam ahead ever since. This new album “A Moment of Madness” is a culmination of everything Izzy has learned in her time off, a masterpiece of pop-infused R&B.



After releasing a hit single over a year ago, TRACE has finally dropped her debut “Low EP”. The release is all about the lyrics, and isn’t for the passive listener. But for those of you who love to ponder, and wander into the darker parts of your mind, “Low” will help you on your journey inward.


Sea Moya – Baltic States EP

When I first listened to Sea Moya’s latest release, I wasn’t convinced one way or another. Instead, I was just left feeling mildly befuddled. So I listened to it again. And then again. And the more I listened to “Baltic States EP”, the more I learned to love it.

Tsar B EP review

Tsar B – Tsar B EP

Belgian native Tsar B has released her debut EP, and it is mind-bending. She first caught our attention about nine

AFFAIRS – Stained Gold EP

AFFAIRS don’t feel nearly ragey enough to have an all caps band name, but power to them for trying to pull it off. The group is a collection of five Englishmen who all met at Hull University, drawn together by a mutual love of 80’s tunes. Their style is self-described as “doom pop”, and while I don’t know if I buy it as a real classification, it fits the band’s creative feel. They just dropped a new EP entitled “Stained Gold”, and I’ve got some pretty strong opinions on the result.


Small Culture – Small Culture EP

Small Culture has shown up a couple times now on HighClouds, and they’re here again. I recently caught a chance to listen to the project’s self-titled EP, and was thoroughly impressed. Wildly well composed for a freshman EP, the unique blends of sounds, and light upbeat feel make this EP the perfect way to kick off your summer.