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HighClouds Best Tracks EPs Mixtapes Albums of 2019

HighClouds: Best Tracks of 2019 [so far]

It is unbelievable but true: one half of 2019 is already behind us. Here are our favourite tracks of the

Dorian Electra Queeropedia Matt Torres

QUEEROPEDIA playlist, curated by Dorian Electra

A few days after the announcement of their debut album Flamboyant and just on time for PRIDE month, gender-defying and


QUEEROPEDIA playlist, curated by COBRAH

A few days after the release of her thrilling debut EP ICON, the Lesbian Queen of Sweden’s Fetish Scene, also

Queeropedia Jackie Mendoza

QUEEROPEDIA playlist, curated by Jackie Mendoza

On April 26, Jackie Mendoza will unveil her debut EP LuvHz on Luminelle. To celebrate this upcoming release, we invited

HighClouds mixtape Pastel Bouquet


It’s February 21, time for a soothing new mixtape. Be ready for some chillwave, indie pop and electropop chill bops.

Queeropedia playlist Sir Babygirl

QUEEROPEDIA playlist, curated by Sir Babygirl

A few days before the release of her debut album on Father/Daughter, Sir Babygirl curates the first edition of our

artwork mixtape resist apocalypse


It’s February 6, time for an uptempo new mixtape. Be ready for some coldwave, indie dance, experimental pop and industrial

Deer Du Bois playlist 211

DEER DU BOIS playlist #211: Colin Magalong, Wit Blu, Benji Lewis, Tami T…

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, we share the much-awaited and surprising playlist of our Brussels‘ friend, tastemaker and collaborator: sir Deer