Dana Gavanski gives Stereolab a run for their money with “Under The Sky”

“Under The Sky” is taken from Dana Gavanski‘s When It Comes, out April 29 via full time hobby.

Dana Gavanski is one of the thousands of up-and-coming musicians whose careers came to a halt due to the pandemic. The London-based but Canadian-born songwriter released her debut album Yesterday Is Gone in March 2020, fresh off the heels of a supporting slot with Damien Jurado. The album was received warmly — and deservedly so. It was a strong collection of songs that showcased Gavanski‘s witty lyricism and her knack for crafting pop melodies with uncanny ease.

You can imagine how the story goes. Being unable to tour meant that the record — one of the most underrated debuts of 2020 — wasn’t promoted properly. Two years and three vaccines later, Gavanski is back to claim what’s hers with her second LP When It Comes. Earlier this year, she released “Indigo Highway“, a synth-pop tune that reimagines the sound of The Zombies by way of Stereolab.

Now, Dana Gavanski has shared “Under The Sky”, the second single off the album. Unsurprisingly, she’s struck gold again. In the line of her debut, a stately fingerpicked guitar provides the initial foundations for the song, giving a home to Gavanski‘s matter-of-fact vocals. However, “Under The Sky” soon frees itself from these shackles. Two minutes in, the guitar is all but absent, replaced by stack upon stack of warm synthesiser. Gavanski‘s voice ends up floating free over a field of electronic sounds — a mood perfectly captured by the Laura Lynn Petrick-directed music video.

Dana Gavanski is also currently touring the UK. Watch the video, pre-order When It Comes via Bandcamp, and check her itinerary below.

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