Montreal trio Dawn to Dawn debut with dream pop earworm “Meridian”

Dawn To Dawn‘s debut track, “Meridian,” is out today.

Dawn to Dawn, the new Montreal trio fronted by multi-talented artist Tess Roby, are comfortable occupying liminal spaces. Their music qualifies as both and as neither dream pop nor electronica. It is as influenced by the dreamy atmospheres of dream pop staples like Chromatics or Slowdive as by the wonky electronic landscapes of Jamie xx and modern R&B. Dawn to Dawn are ending the year on a high note by releasing their first single “Meridian”, a song with a special significance for the group. It is the very first song they recorded together, only some minutes after Tess Roby, Adam Ohr and Patrick Lee first met in person two years ago.

That being said, “Meridian” comes out of effort as much as from a sudden burst of creativity. Just by listening to it, you can tell they spent hours tinkering with it, finding the perfect electronic background that Roby’s lower register singing would pulsate against. They have a couple of cards up their sleeve as well. Halfway through the song, they bring in a line of melody straight out of a barbershop quartet group, and they keep it to harmonise with the main phrases. The trick takes the song up a notch, granting it the sort of immediate earworm that can be missing in this kind of music. We are excited to see what will be the next thing coming from them.

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