Eden Samara brings life and beauty to the dancefloor on “Madonna”.

Eden Samara‘s new single, “Madonna”, is out now via Local Action Records.

One of the latest additions to the roster of Local Action, Eden Samara is a Canadian singer and songwriter currently based in London. Samara broke through with guest appearances on Loraine James‘ “Running Like That” and Parris‘ “Skater’s World” last year. Both songs feature heavy bass and UK bass-inspired rhythms, with Eden‘s expressive vocals granting the tracks a sense of melody.

Now, Samara has announced that her debut album will come out this autumn. She’s just released the lead single for it – “Madonna”, a groovy dance song that marks a stark contrast with Samara‘s previous work. From the steady kicks and synth embellishments that open the track, “Madonna” transitions into a heavenly chorus where Eden‘s R&B vocals take the main stage.

The song keeps evolving after the sudden key change at the halfway point and turns into a liberating deep-house jam with ethereal repetitions of the chorus. Even though electronic dance music tends to be repetitive and meditative to a certain degree, Samara peppers her song with little details and extra layers of sound so the spell is never broken.

Eden Samara has also released a music video for “Madonna”. Directed by El Hardwick, the video is a perfect representation of the sensuality and recklessness of a club night. “Madonna navigates fears I’ve experienced when first dating someone about being accepted for the most complex areas of my sexuality and queerness,” she detailed. Watch below, and stream the track in our Best Tracks of 2022 playlist.

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