Ehiorobo’s “Munstar” is frenzy and experimental hip hop

Ehiorobo’s “Munstar” is out now via Grind Select.

The name Ehiorobo will ring a bell with rap fanatics. Under his moniker tsar of gamble, the New Jersey-based producer’s 2018 album A Furnace in the Coin Fountain was something of an underground sensation in experimental hip hop circles. Ehiorobo has given up his moniker for now, and is back to releasing music under his own name. The two singles he put out earlier this year perfectly showcase his range as an artist: “Bloodsports” is a bass-heavy, industrial-inspired stomper, while “Jay Ventura” sees Ehiorobo dipping his toes into R&B territory.

Ehiorobo has now released a new single, “Munstar”, which is essentially built by chucking every track he’s done recently in a blender and seeing what happens. And what happens is magic. “Munstar” starts with tinges of Frank Ocean in Ehiorobo’s soulful delivery and the sparse instrumental that supports it. However, it doesn’t take long for things to get frantic. Soon the track is possessed by a manic beat, and the singing starts taking turns with some very agitated rapping. The whole thing goes back and forth between these two very different moods, almost competing against each other. It’s completely bonkers, and it’s great. If you want to experience the song’s full effect, watch the visualiser below and prepare to get dizzy.