Hana Vu sticks to no one’s script in new track “Actress”

“Actress” is taken from Hana Vu‘s double EP, “Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway”, to be released October 25 on Luminelle Recordings.

Hana Vu is the teenage bedroom dream-pop artist oozing with creativity and coolness. Based in Los Angeles, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter is surrounded by a world of inspiration and some of her previous tracks, such as “Crying on the Subway”, have been based around her experiences in the city. She produces all of her own music and puts it down to being a bit of a control freak, keeping full control over her tracks. And she is clearly very good at it.

In her new track, “Actress”, Hana seamlessly incorporates dance-worthy beats with deep, soulful, smooth vocals. Her lyrics emanate a kind of pensive teenage sadness, coupled with a chilled finesse. “Based on the music and conversations in The Actress Roundtables, ‘Actress’ is about the compromise of personal values in order to be conventionally successful, and how that may manifest over time,” she explained to Billboard where the track was premiered.

You are immediately drawn into the track by the baseline and dreamy beats creating a syncopated rhythm. Over the top of these beats come Hana‘s warm vocals, layered together, deepening her tones and creating what almost feels like a summery evening. Watch the accompanying Brain Wash TV-directed visualizer below.

Max Herridge

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