Jane Inc. displays her funk credentials with “Contortionists”

“Contortionists” is taken from Jane Inc.‘s sophomore album, Faster Than I Can Take, out on April 22 via Telephone Explosion Records.

You might know Carlyn Bezic from her touring work with the Canadian art-pop project U.S. Girl. With live performances scarce and unprofitable, Bezic has spent the last couple of years focusing on her solo career. In March 2021, she released her first record as Jane Inc., Number One. A strong collection of psych-tinged new wave songs, Number One was received warmly, giving Bezic something of a cult online following.

Now, she has announced that Jane Inc‘s second studio album will be released on April 22. Titled Faster Than I Can Take, it will see Bezic experimenting with disco rhythms and dance-influenced sounds. The Toronto-based singer has provided evidence for the project’s new shape with her new single “Contortionists”.

A continuously evolving song, “Contortionists” is first built on a minimalistic electronic foundation, absent of drums or significant arrangements. But it doesn’t take long for Bezic‘s sense of harmonic playfulness to kick in — and that’s when the fun begins. Taking a page off Bitte Orca-era Dirty Projectors‘ book, she lays several vocal tracks on top of each other, pushing their way in as they brush the electronics aside. By the end, the song has gone full 70s, with a funk guitar and drum pattern that elevate its chorus to unprecedented heights.

Jane Inc. has also shared a video for the song, directed by Shelby Fenlon and Lee Henderson. Watch and pre-order the album via Bandcamp below.

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