koleżanka keeps tackling late capitalist anxieties with “In A Meeting”

“In A Meeting” is taken from koleżanka‘s debut album, Place Is, out July 30 via Bar/None Records.

Kristina Moore is readying the release of her debut LP as koleżanka, Place Is. The Arizona artist’s first record is meant to function as an exploration of space in our late capitalist society. koleżanka’s songs are informed by the notion of the “non-place” as coined by Marc Augé: spaces of transit that don’t really qualify as places, and which are heavily linked to ideas of dissociation, anxiety, and loss of identity. koleżanka pours all these concerns into her playful, heterodox indie rock. The Stereolab comparison that she has drawn is as flattering as it is apt; not so much because she sounds like Stereolab (which is impossible to do anyway) but because Moore also pushes the boundaries of indie rock and embraces eclecticism as the cornerstone of her art.

“In A Meeting” is the third single off Place Is, and it’s arguably the strongest koleżanka song we’ve heard so far. The artist takes a bunch of simple ideas that might not initially belong together– a short cooing melody, cheap-sounding keys, a post-punk bassline – and arranges them all on top of each other. What seems alien at first ends up becoming not only familiar but non-detachable from each other. Featuring instrumental breakdowns as beautiful as they are loud, “In A Meeting,” with its embrace of vulnerability, represents a comforting sound for those of us trapped in precariousness. It’s not quite an exit route, because there seem to be none, but it certainly offers momentary relief.

Watch the visuals, which Moore co-directed with Mike Fuller, and pre-order the album via Bandcamp below.