Hong Kong shoegazers Lucid Express let noise reign free on “Hotel 65”

“Hotel 65” is taken from Lucid Express‘s self-titled debut album, out July 16 on Kanine Records.

Shoegazers Lucid Express are finalising the rollout of their self-titled debut album. The Hong Kong band have made a name for themselves by stirring up a traditionally inward-looking genre like shoegaze with unhindered discussions on political and social affairs. This is a band born out of political turmoil; formed in late 2014, they have seen and lived the state-sanctioned violence in Hong Kong for years. Following the release of the dream pop singles “Wellwave” and “Hollowers,” they are now putting out the last advance track off the record, “Hotel 65.”

“Hotel 65” is peculiar in that it’s the first truly introspective song we’ve heard from Lucid Express. Referencing the accommodation that they stayed in during their first UK tour in 2014, the track is a wide-eyed glance at an idealized, not-so-distant past. It’s textbook shoegaze stuff: the past is brought back through the simplicity of melody and lyrics but drowned in distorted walls of guitar noise. Whereas their previous singles allowed more breathing space for clear vocals and synth layering, “Hotel 65” is pure shoegaze in the style of My Bloody Valentine. From the crescendo teased at the 3-minute mark but never fully realised to the erupting guitars of the chorus, “Hotel 65” is a captivating listen and a must for all shoegaze fans.