Lucky Lo moves for radical love in feel-good video “Supercarry”

Lucky Lo‘s new single “Supercarry” is out via Tambourhinoceros.

Copenhagen-based Swedish multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Lo Ersare has recently debuted her music as Lucky Lo on Danish label Tambourhinoceros. Ersare is not a new performer, though. For years, the musician has been cutting her teeth by performing in the street as well as in the underground scene, veering from folk and improvisational vocal to experimental jazz. She’s also inspired by Asia, and Japan in particular. Her brand new video, for “Supercarry,” is actually reminiscent of Chinese Tai Chi outdoor workout sessions.

Now, let’s revise your knowledge in sociology. Maybe you know Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, divided in 5 floors, which suggests that people first need to fulfill basic needs before achieving more advanced needs. At the top of the pyramid are the self-actualization needs. Basically, once you secured your physiological, safety and belongingness needs, you can then work on your full potential, self-fulfillment, which may result in helping others. “We all have the capacity to ‘Supercarry’ someone,” explains Lucky Lo about her feel-good new track, which invites the listeners to lift each others up in our Western individualistic countries.

She then develops:

“In Scandinavia we have an incredible safety net. We live a safe, rich lifestyle on paper, but we are also the countries where the most people die alone. We have the capacity to be more inclusive, and we could use this power for the good of others and for enriching our lives. So much could be solved if we were to take more care of each other—check in with each other more. It makes you feel strong; like a good human being; an everyday superhero. The idea of doing the opposite of self care, or that social care is self care, is what I want to communicate.”

Musically, this anthem of radical love is driven by Lucky Lo‘s comforting and dreamy vocals, which incarnate this uplifting, kind vision. Down to earth, the thumping bass is here to remind us that a lot of efforts will be needed to reach this kind of utopian society. Watch below, and stream “Supercarry” in our Best Tracks of 2021 playlist.

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