Oyinda – Never Enough (Video)

Oyinda already had us under her spell because of her incredibly mesmerizing new song “Never Enough” but wait until you watch the video… She’ll now haunt every single of your next dreams.

Exploring different personalities is a recurrent theme for the New-York-based artist Oyinda. She expresses it perfectly in “Never Enough” video, in which she starts from a harmless lady to an empowered and confident woman that will evolve into a gorgeous and fierce goddess, Oyinda completely knows how to work a character. She’s definitely a creative and talented artist, especially knowing that she self-directed the video.

Oyinda will release a new project in May, titled “Restless Minds”, that will probably include this great track.

“Never Enough” is currently at the 10th position of our HighClouds30. If you’re curious about the rest of our TOP30, it’s right here.

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