RHNO’s “You’re Getting Stranger” is textbook bedroom pop

RHNO’s new single, “You’re Getting Stranger,” is out now.

RHNO is a lo-fi pop project that started out during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Just two friends playing around with their guitars in their bedroom, Arjun Viswanathan and Kostas Papadopoulos make the sort of breezy, laid-back indie pop that was absolutely everywhere in the mid-2010s. RHNO’s first single “Smoke of a Train”, released three months ago, drew comparisons with Mac DeMarco or Unknown Mortal Orchestra. It is an extremely pleasant sound that will probably never go out of style. RHNO have been steadily releasing one single per month since then, and now it’s the turn for “You’re Getting Stranger.”

“You’re Getting Stranger” doubles down on the retro aesthetic that has become RHNO’s calling card, with nasal, high-pitched vocals calmly resting on a bed of reverb. There are some lovely, dreamy synths scattered around as well, dancing around the gentle melody. The song could easily verge into psych pop territory, but instead it remains tight and concise, its focus in melody standing firmly in place. “You’re Getting Stranger” is bedroom pop in a nutshell; a candid guitar pop song whose playfully nostalgic sounds evoke memories of childhood.