Liverpool producer Roscoe Fox shares illuminating debut “Three Candles”

Roscoe Fox‘s debut track, “Three Candles,” is out today on freshly launched label odyXxey.

Roscoe Fox is a 20-year-old producer who is making his debut with “Three Candles”. Despite the song’s summery melodies and leafy synth work, the up and coming artist is based in rainy and cold Liverpool. Though Cox started making music from a very young age, he hasn’t had a strong presence in the local scene so far. Instead, he would share his early compositions with other music fans online. After listening to “Three Candles”, it’s fair to say that the internet is the biggest influence in his work. It’s the kind of song that should be huge with music fans in online communities, taking its production cues from Frank Ocean while accomplishing a kind of feel-good vibe that you’d associate with Dent May and Caribou.

Roscoe Fox claims to have found inspiration in Charlie Kaufman’s “Adaptation” and the classic coming-of-age “Stand By Me”. It’s not hard to tell why. There’s a pervasive sense of giddiness throughout the track, quite reminiscent of Animal Collective’s poppiest (and, let’s face it, best) material – think “Grass”, think “Fireworks”. Boasting a stellar synth work and catchy, subdued vocal lines, “Three Candles” is an impressive achievement. It is also a double debut, as it is being used to promote a new label arm for odyXxey, the outlet who notably brought the amazing BEA1991 to our ears. They also started a quarantine web radio.